Tatyana Sargsyan
hbs scholarship holder 2008, Yerevan

Tatyana Sargsyan was born in 1982. She graduated from the Sociology department of Yerevan State University in May 2002, and received MA degree from the same department of YSU in May 2004. In 2004-2006 she worked for UNDP Humanitarian Demining Project as Mine Risk Education and Victim Assistance Specialist and Deputy Survey Group Leader, Field Editor. In the frameworks of various short-term research projects she has been collaborating with different Local and International NGO-s and Foundations. During both education and employment she participated in the number of international, regional conferences, workshops and trainings.  Her professional interests include issues of migration, social psychology, life mode and social stratification.

The research supported by Heinrich Boell Scholarship Program is aimed to reveal the following theme “Refugees in Yerevan City: Survival Strategies, Social Portrait of Integrated Refugee”. The purpose of this research is to study an integration of the second generation of refugees from Baku in Yerevan.

Research topic: Дети бакинских беженцев в армянском обществе: Невидимая грань поколений