Syuzanna Siradeghyan

Syuzanna Siradeghyan was born in 1988, in Armenian province Tavush. In 2009, after obtaining the BA degree in history, she entered Yerevan State University and got Master's degree in Ethnology, in 2011. The topic for her MA thesis was ''Border and boundary as an ethno-cultural phenomenon''.

Since 2008 Syuzanna has been volunteering and working for various organizations. 2011-2013 she was a junior researcher in Academic Swiss Caucasus Network (ASCN) research program ''The value of grit in Armenian formal and nonformal education''. Currently she works at AM Partners consulting company as a researcher. She is also involved in peacekeeping, women rights, youth etc. programs in nonprofit organizations.

In the framework of the HBF scholarship program, Syuzanna's topic is «The conflict border as a factor in decision-making: the case of the presidential elections». Her scientific areas of interest besides the border anthropology are nationalism studies (nationalism-masculinity, nationalism and gender, nation and family), gender studies, social movements (especially actions and reactions), and anthropology of education.

Research: The conflict border as a factor in decision-making in presidential elections