Nvard Manasian
Education expert

Nvard Manasian is an education expert with over ten years of experience in the sector. She has worked for the Government of Armenia, as well as a number of international organizations managing projects and engaging in policy advisory development processes. Since 2007, she has been teaching at higher education institutions and has established a center for quality assurance at one of the universities in Armenia. Starting from 2009, she has joined a group of TEMPUS Higher Education Reform Experts. Currently, she works for the World Bank, specializing in communications. Ms. Manasian’s research interests lie in higher education policy and gender issues in education. She is a Board Member of the Armenian Education Foundation which grants scholarships to students of Armenian descent.

Nvard Manasian has graduated from the Engineering University of Armenia and holds two Master’s degrees from Universities in the US. She is a member of the Social Democrat Party.