Nino Rcheulishvili

Nino Rcheulishvili was born on August 4, 1984 in Tbilisi. In 2005 she graduated from Ilia State University, Department of Philosophy and Social Sciences. In 2009 she obtained Master’s degree in Social Theory. 

Since 2007 Nino has been working for nonprofit and business organizations as an independent researcher. From 2009 to 2012 she was the head of Research Department of Quality Assurance Office, Ilia State University. At the present moment Nino is a PhD student and teaches Social Science Research Methods at the university. Her research interests focus on Sociology of food and consumption.

In the framework of the HBF Scholarship programme, Nino will study home cooking experience of women holding a full time job. The research will focus on participants’ understanding of challenges related to their life style.