Levon Margaryan

Levon Margaryan was born in 1991, in Gyumry, the second city of Armenia. After finishing the school in Gyumri in 2007 Levon entered the Yerevan State University, Department of History, Major in Culturology. He obtained a bachelor and master degrees in this field. Levon graduated from YSU in 2013 and became a PhD student at the Institute of Archeology and Ethnology of National Academy of Sciences. Meanwhile, in 2011 he started to work at the same Institute as a junior researcher.

Levon Margaryan used to work in the field of media and journalism. For two years he was writing analysis for one of Armenian web-journals.

During the study at the University and the work in the NAS IAE his fields of interest were youth subcultures of Yerevan, and the transformations of public spaces and urban culture of modern Yerevan.

Research: Discourse of public space in Armenia. Genesis and features