Ketevan Khapava
hbs scholarship holder 2006, Tbilisi

Ketevan Khapava was born in Tbilisi in 1981. In 2004, she graduated with honour from Tbilisi State University’s department of psychotherapy and psychosomatic medicine. From 2005 until today, she has been continuing her studies in the residency programme of Georgian State Medical Academy with a specialization in psychotherapy. 

Since 2001, she has been involved in different projects, including management of inter-ethnic relations, psycho-social rehabilitation and peace building activities within the framework of the “Foundation for Development of Human Resources” NGO’s work.

Her research interests include: ethnicity, inter-ethnic relations, social perceptions, psycho-social trauma and coping mechanisms.
In context of the Heinrich-Böll-Foundation’s scholarship programme, Ketevan is implementing the research project “Perception of Discrimination Phenomena in Samtskhe-Javakheti”. The research aims at studying social conceptions concerning positions of different ethnic groups in the region. A special focus will be on discrimination and aspects of inequality.

Research topic: Восприятие ситуации этнического меньшинства армянами Ахалкалаки