Franziska Thun-Hohenstein

Dr. Franziska Thun-Hohenstein is a senior fellow at the Berlin Centre of the Literature and Culture Research. She works in the area of Slavic Studies and leads "Europe-East" program unit of the Centre since 2008. In frames of the latter she is the head of the project: "Aporeia of the Forced Modernization: Figures of the National in Soviet Empire".

There are two projects that are highly important in Franziska Thun-Hohenstein’s academic activity: "Comparative Studies of Cultural Hero" and "Cultural Semantic of Georgia between Caucasus and the Black Sea".

Franziska Thun-Hohenstein devoted most of her research to studying the works of prominent Russian writer Varlam Shalamov. Books dedicated to cultural inheritance of this writer take important place among publications by Franziska Thun-Hohenstein.