Feminist podcast series "FeminStream" [2020]

(closed project) The space of feminist activism is mainly taken by higher-level lobbying, working on law projects and influencing political actors, which leaves less room for developing alternative forms of activism. FeminStream aims to create alternative space of critical rethinking, to raise less visible topics and analyze them through a feminist political lens.

feminstream logo

Project popularizes feminist values by creating women-oriented audio podcasts where gender issues are raised and analyzed by feminist activists.  It aims to maintain an already established platform to strengthen the voices of marginalized women and promote gender-sensitive issues in a patriarchal society. In addition, the project is designed to support the strengthening of feminist actors.

Feminstream covers all essential and topical feminist issues:

-           Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights;

-           Environmental Justice and Women's Rights;

-           Feminist Herstory/Development of Grassroots Movements

-           Queer activism and its agenda

-           Gender aspects of Covid-19

Each podcast is an average of five minutes of audio recording and is posted on the websites of partner organizations (Boll Foundation and Women's Fund in Georgia) as well as on the YouTube channel and the project's dedicated Facebook page; Also on the website of the online publication "Publica" and its Facebook page.

Project "FeminStream" started in 2015 as cooperation between Hbs and Women's Fund in Georgia. It created feminist radio programs which aired every week on Radio Liberty under the program "Gender Stories".

In 2017, the project transformed into an audio podcast series, which were posted on the Hbs Feminist Web site and focused on the feminist review of culture: art, literature, movies and music.

In 2018, 2019 and 2020 the project continues the format of a series of audio podcasts, although the themes change, becoming more relevant and tailored to the women and their problems.