Anna Davtyan-Gevorgyan

Her Research interests are Gender and Culture, gender stereotypes in modern Armenian society, Gender and Islam, Women and politics of Iranian theologians,  security studies and regional security studies.

Anna Davtyan-Gevorgyan writes articles about Iran’s domestic and foreign policy and about Islam’s influence on those policies. Her current research interests in this field are the examination of political myths in the speeches of Iran’s political leaders and adaptation mechanisms of Shia Islam. She has several scientific publications in different journals and periodicals concerning these topics.

She was a Visiting Scholar at Arizona State University, School of Social transformations during the fall semester of 2013. She has conducted several researches in the field of gender studies cooperating with YSU Center of Leadership and Gender studies. She taught a course called “Cross-cultural conflicts and gender discrimination” in the YSU Department of Applied Sociology. Her researches in this field have published in print and online periodicals.

Starting from 2016 she has been involved in different projects related to regional security studies and has worked in the Ministry of Defence of Armenia. Furthermore, Anna was the adviser to the Secretary of the Security Council, RA after the Revolution (July-December 2018).