Armenian translations of 80’s feminist texts

The evening before the international women’s day, the hbs Tbilisi office Yerevan Branch presented its first Anthology of Armenian translations of 80’s feminist texts. More than 60 people attended the presentation that took Place at Zangak Publishing House, including five members of the Parliament.

Deputy speaker of the Parliament Lena Nazaryan, as well as MPs Maria Karapetyan , Taguhi Ghazaryan , Sona Ghazaryan Sargis Khandanyan attended the event. The MPs expressed their interest in supporting the readings and discussions of the texts that are planned in Yerevan and the regions in March and in April.

Besides, Gender researchers, political analysts, representatives of local and international organisations, former participants of the Green Academy Armenia and members of the feminist community were present. The seven texts of the Anthology comprise occidental and oriental theories and reach from Judith Butler’s treatise of Simone de Beauvoir’s Second Sex to Trinh Minh-ha’s The language of Nativism. Further, the publication essentially supported the establishment of a feminist glossary of approximately 150 words in the Armenian language


Many thanks to the translators of the texts who all come from a feminist background. Special thanks to the editor Shushan Aragyan without whose contribution the book would not be as great as it is now. Armenian project coordinator of the hbs Tbilisi Office, Olya Azatyan mentioned the importance of the availability of feminist knowledge in the Armenian language. She thinks, that it is important to start providing new perspectives on gender issues to Armenian readers and fostering the discussion of the role of women in the post-revolutionary Armenian society.