Feminist Mother's Diaries (2017)

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მერაბ ბერძენიშვილის ქანდაკება "კიდევაც დაიზრდებიან".

(closed project) Project aims to start the feminist discussion about the controversial aspects of motherhood as an experience andas an institution. Also, it aims to critically rethink the concept from the perspective of mothers and feminists.

Author of the project: a feminist researcher, Tamta Tatarashvili.

Project activities are:

  • To analyze the concept of 'motherhood' according to the feminist theories; literature review;
  • To record 15 oral histories with mothers and analyze them;
  • To organize public debates in the regions of Georgia.

Based on the analysis of literature review and oral histories, at least 7 articles will be published on the blog during the year. Articles can be found in Georgian on this link.