Green Ideas for Georgia’s Progressive Development (2016)

Georgia signed the Association Agreement with EU in 2014. This is on the one hand country`s statement and on the other hand a roadmap defining its EU integration perspectives. In this regard, Georgian society should be more aware of the problems and challenges EU face currently. European society actively debate around the issues such as: existing financial markets, tackling problem of systemic inequality, perils of austerity policy, perspectives of sustainable and green economy; while the debates within Georgian society are lying at a great distance of that reality and focus on some virtual agenda.

The Centre for Cultural Relations – Caucasian House in cooperation with the South Caucasus Regional Office of the Heinrich Boell Foundation, in 2016, implemented a project Green Ideas for Georgia’s Progressive Development. The project, through critical assessment and utilization of European experience, aimed to contribute to rethinking the principles of sustainable development and strengthening Green socio-political agenda in Georgia.

Specifically, the following activities were implemented within the frameworks of the project:

The Green Anthology, together with the planned conference and public debates within the project, will have a certain type of enlightening role. These activities will give the outstanding opportunity to the target groups to get to know with the problems Europe is facing today. Besides, the beneficiaries will have an opportunity to re-assess the local problems from the European perspective.