Strengthening the Workers in Industrial Zones and the Young Civil Society Activists for the Protection of the Environment and the Labor Rights (2015)

The project implemented by Human Rights Education and Monitoring Center (EMC) in collaboration with the Green Alternative with the financial support of Heinrich Böll Foundation aimed to support environmental and social justice principles by strengthening the employees in the industrial zones, and the young civil society activists. As well as by increasing awareness towards the existing problem in the society.

The domestic legal framework of the state clearly shows its own approaches to environmental protection and the employees’ labor rights as well as various international instruments outside of the ratification and the present practice of realizing these rights, especially the difficult ecological condition in industrial zones and the employees difficult and dangerous living or working conditions is an example.

The recent strikes and other processes, in addition to the existence of the current opportunities for fighting for the rights, clearly identified the need to increase the opportunities of employed, students/interest groups and those people for whom the state policy is directly connected.

The aim of the project was to provide the employed and interest groups with relevant knowledge about environmental protection and labor field, equipping these individuals with appropriate skills and information, that would help the victims to become more active and involved in the processes of protecting the human rights. In addition, the project’s activities to support the workers’ actions were an approach to strengthen student groups, which would make it possible for society groups to reveal authentically the ecological problematics existing on the ground, as well as to lobby this problems in public spaces and to advocate them.

Project Duration: 01.01.15 – 10.11.15

In the frameworks of the project the "Manual on Labour rights and envirobmental protection" was published. Also photo-stories:


were prepared.