Exhibition "Supra of Her Own" (2014)

საკუთარი სუფრა

Project was supported by: Mondriaan Fund (The Netherlands) and South Caucasus Regional Office of the Heinrich Boell Foundation (Georgia)

Supra of Her Own is a collaboration between an artist - Tamuna Chabashvili (Georgia/Netherlands), an anthropologist - Agnieszka Dudrak (Poland/Switzerland), a Georgian NGO (Anti-Violence Network of Georgia), and a grassroots initiative გესმით ქალების ხმა? Also, the exhibition hosted Mareike Wenzel's performance and it is planned to organize several public meetings.

The installation and videos are based on the quotations from interviews; mostly survivors of domestic abuse. In addition, women who experienced this type of violence, some members of the grassroots initiative “გესმით ქალების ხმა?” created memorabilia based on their personal experience. In this way the voice was given to those who are generally silenced.

The exhibition lasted during 22 June/24 July (2014) at gallery Nectar in Tbilisi. It traveled to Batumi and Telavi in Autumn 2014.

Besides, based on the collected material an interactive blog was created, which will ensure sustainability of the created installations.

Following events took place during the exhibition at gallery Nectar:

2-4 July - Mareike Wenzel's 24 hour performance.

3 July
- Sound instalation by Eliza Proszczuk “Life is not all guns and roses”
20:30 - Lia Jaqueli’s film screening “Where Are You My Suliko (2006)”, documentary (28min)

5 July
from 19:00 - Mareike Wenzel’s lecture about her performance.
Marina Tabukashvili lecture “Contents of Silence”

12 July
from 19:00
- Lecture/performance  by Nadia Tsulukidze.
Lecture by Lela Gaprindashvili.

19 July
from 19:00
- Agnieszka Dudrak and Tamuna Chabashvili will speak about back stage of the project Supra of Her Own.
One member of the grassroots initiative will present her research about perceptions of domestic violence among men.

Blog: http://supraofherown.wordpress.com/