Energy Literacy to Support Sustainable Energy Policy Framework Establishment in Georgia (2014)

Green Alternative

In March 2014, association “Green Alternative” with financial assistance of the South Caucasus Regional Office of the Heinrich Boell Foundation has started implementation of the new project that aims to increase awareness around sustainable energy and support development of the sustainable energy policy in Georgia in participatory and inclusive way.

This will be achieved through increased capacity of civil society organizations (CSOs) and media to understand the sustainable energy models and get engaged in fact-based dialogue on energy sector development, to see the need for the real integration of environmental  and social standards both,  in the process of  energy generation and  consumption, establish knowledge for promotion of renewable energy and energy efficiency, in order to empower citizens to require transparent, accountable and sustainable energy models establishment in Georgia’ energy sector. In the frameworks of the project, “Green Alternative” will conduct trainings for the media and CSO representatives, which will be followed by roundtable meetings where both the decision-makers and civil society members will participate.

The project activities will be completed by December 2014.