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The cover of the publication is a collage work based on archival photos of women in medicine

Women in Medicine

Published: 24 March 2022

"Women in Medicine" – is the name of the project, which aspires to compile Georgian printed periodical publications of the second half of the XIX century ("Droeba," "Iveria," "Tsnobis Purtseli") and to collect archival materials on women's contribution to the healthcare affairs.

Cover of the publication, representing different women from late soviet period

Women and History

Published: 29 December 2021

The publication was prepared as a result of a joint project Women and History implemented by the Heinrich Boell Foundation offices in Kyiv and Tbilisi.

Manifold Angles of Gender

Published: 5 February 2014

This is a publication of materials, a small selection of the papers presented by researchers and activists at the International Conference – Manifold Angles of Gender: Looking through a Magnifying Glass, organized and hosted by the South Caucasus Regional Office of the Heinrich Boell Foundation.


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Queer Feelings

Queer Feelings

Published: 21 January 2021

This publication "Queer Feelings" includes translations of the texts of Queer and feminist theorists.

Book cover

Women During and After the War

Published: 29 December 2020

The book "Women During and After the War" is about feminist perspective on war, militarism and patriarchy. 

Feminist Theory Anthology: The '80s

Published: 7 February 2019

This book is comprised of Armenian translations of seven key pieces that belong to the 1980s feminist theory - however, the articles were selected with an aim to illuminate questions and debates of the feminist thought throughout the history.