Translation of Ronald Grigor Suny’s “The Making of the Georgian Nation” (2021-2022)

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There is a dearth of academic literature translated into Georgian language. While university students are increasingly willing and able to read articles in English, the translation of key academic texts into Georgian will make knowledge more accessible and introduce critical perspectives to Georgian debates.

With our support, Ziari Press is working on a Georgian translation of Ronald Grigor Suny’s “The Making of the Georgian Nation”, which will contribute to a critical discussion on Georgian history, memory politics and nation building. First published in 1988, the book discusses the emergence of the Georgian nation and the roots of Georgian national consciousness. Although nowadays, Suny’s work is considered a standard reference, it was never translated into the Georgian language. Since the book contradicted the dominant nationalist historical narratives, it was initially rejected by Georgian academics and intellectuals. In present times, among a new generation of scholars, there is a growing readiness to discuss alternative points of view. The book translation will renew the discussion on Georgian state and nation building by introducing a high-quality scientific publication into the Georgian-language debate.