Play for Change (2022)

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Ethnic minorities constitute about a sixth of the Georgian population – yet they often do not identify with the Georgian state and lack civil and political involvement in the Georgian society. Failures to include ethnic minorities in decision-making processes caused the continuous social disintegration and societal marginalization that has occurred since the collapse of the Soviet Union. Many of those who identify as part of an ethnic minority group do not know how to access social, medical and educational services which reinforces social inequalities. Especially women of ethnic minorities form a vulnerable group, facing several forms of discrimination.

To address the issue of youth participation in areas inhabited by ethnic minorities, Creative Development Center will use the method of forum theatre, a tool to explore political strategies for social change. The project aims at empowering local partners in minority-populated regions and raising awareness for active participation among youth. Project activities will be implemented in Shida Kartli, Kvemo Kartli, Samtskhe Javakheti, and Kakheti.