Creative Protest and Knowledge Mediation: Alternative Civic Activism (2022)

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During the 30 years of Georgian independence, the countries’ art scene discovered an independent political dimension and artistic work turned into an expression of protest. Popular topics of politically engaged art are social inclusion, gender, the urban environment, ecology, and institutional criticism. However, while art became a medium for democratic processes, the reach of contemporary art was largely limited to Tbilisi. Smaller towns were cut off from this transformation and Georgia’s regions remain isolated from the contemporary art scene.

The project aims at establishing an open platform for young artists from the regions and developing an art project focused on democratic development and political participation in smaller towns. The activities will take place in Marneuli, Chiatura, Ozurgeti, and Keda – towns with less access to modern art and civic activism, which struggle with a difficult social environment. Untitled Gallery Tbilisi will initiate much-needed dialogue by bringing a three-day exhibition to the four towns, accompanied by meetings, discussions and workshops. Invited contemporary artists will engage with the local audience on various political and social issues. Finally, a zine publication will provide a platform for locals to express their views and combine contributions from inhabitants of the four selected cities.