Living in the city of manganese

ჭიათურა, სოფელი დარკვეთი

The Chiatura manganese reserves have been one of the most strategic natural resources of the country since the Soviet period. The life of the small town of Chiatura and the surrounding villages entirely depends on manganese mining. At the same time, current practices of manganese extraction and processing are linked to drastic environmental and social impacts, abandoned and disappearing villages.

Partner organizations of the Heinrich Boell Foundation's Tbilisi office have been working on the political, social, and environmental challenges of Georgia's industrial cities for years. In this video, members of Eco Club Chiatura  tell us about the local challenges and provide good food for thought about how conflicting economic, social and environmental interests are negotiated in Chiatura and in Georgia as a whole.

ცხოვრება მანგანუმის ქალაქში | Living in the city of manganese - Heinrich Boell Foundation South Caucasus

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