"Top Girls" (2021)

The premiere of the play "Top Girls" by Caril Churchill, a British playwright, will take place on the 6th and 8th of November at the "Dinamo Arena" as part of an independent theatrical project. The play has been included in the 15 best plays of all time. The performance combines drama, classical and electronic music, opera, and elements of movement; it leaves the traditional scene and enters the country's main football field.

Cover of the event

The playwright reflects on the lifestyle and choices of its main character - Marlene: Marlene is a successful woman who has struggled hard to make her way into the profession and reached a peak. In a non-linear narration, the play shows the different sides of social and cultural life and reflects the faces of the successful and unsuccessful women of the 80s. Marlene invites women from history, art, or literature to dinner: Victorian traveler Isabella Bird, Pope Joan, and a crazy Greta from the painting. Visitors drink the brand, eagerly tell their stories, and show us what potential payoffs women have historically owed to succeed. All the characters in Caril Churchill's play are women. In the Georgian version of "The Top Girls, at the Dinamo Arena, Nata Murvanidze, Nino Kasradze, Kato Kalatozishvili, Natuka Kakhidze, Tea Kitsmarishvili, Keti Khitiri, Liza Kereselidze, and Keta Shatirishvili will take part.