Economical and Practical Challenges of Care Work [March - December 2021]


The caring work as a ''women's duty" is not visible or adequately supported with public services in Georgia. The local socio-economic policies do not embrace the needs of women involved in care work. It is particularly evident in inadequate maternity leave legislation, lack of child care facilities, gender redistribution of care work, high price for baby nutrition products etc.

This project by “Communico Society”, plans to prepare interviews, discussions and multimedia materials about the diverse experiences, needs, and rights of women involved in care work. The articles will research and discuss daily challenges women overcome within their care responsibilities and will try to disclose the work as fundamentally essential and look for ways to challenge the economic and gender exploitation of care workers.The articles will address the following unexplored topics: Single mothers, Baby feeding, Domestic labor in rural areas, Teachers as care workers.  

The project aims to contribute to public discourse and make care work socially and economically significant activity. The content will explain the caring labor perspectives from a social, economic, and cultural point.