“Not a Real Story, but a True Story” Changing societal norms through storytelling (2020)

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(closed project 01.03.2020 - 16.10.2020) The project was implemented in cooperation with EVN news foundation (EVN report which is an independent, non-profit online weekly magazine).

The idea of bringing fundamental and long-lasting cultural change was at the core of the project. After the Velvet Revolution it was an urgent matter to ensure that this opportunity wouldn’t be a lost one for Armenians. To make this reality, cultural change is needed although transforming societal norms is not an easy task.

The goal of the project is to tell 6 fiction stories based on real-life scenarios which can forge an alternative and a transformative vision that will help to set the foundations for creating a healthier, more tolerant, democratic and engaged society. The project aimed to shift patterns of harmful behavior that are steeped in tradition (and a Soviet legacy) in a number of human and societal interactions via using the power of storytelling, visuals (illustrations by artists) and journalistic methods to help highlight and potentially shift. The thing is that stories connect people, thus enable them to see problems and reflect on them.

The stories were published in Armenian and in English. The project also aimed at triggering discussions among readers. It contributed to media’s role with regard to shaping values.