Green Lecture Series (2019)

(Closed project : 01.04.2019-15.11.2019).The project was implemented in cooperation with Boon Foundation, which promotes critical thinking and education in Armenia through its various platforms, especially Boon TV widely known for the series of lectures and talks on different topics.

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The impetus for launching this project was the environmental situation in Armenia. The country faces many environmental issues, such as mining, soil pollution, deforestation, the draining of Lake Sevan, the pollution of Araks and Hrazdan rivers, restart of Metsamor nuclear power plant in spite of its location in a seismically active zone, etc. Although there are different groups struggling for environment protection, however, there is a need to expand the circuits of these people, raising awareness regarding this topic through knowledge and information.

Thus, the project aimed to open up a discourse on Armenia’s ecological and environmental challenges via video lectures on ten essential environmental issues. Moreover, the lectures were accompanied by relevant texts available for downloading. Both the videos and texts were disseminated in online platforms targeting students, researchers, green activist groups, journalists, etc.