Russia's Hybrid Warfare in Ukraine and Georgia

Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung Tbilisi Office - South Caucasus Region organized the public debate "Russia’s hybrid warfare in Ukraine and Georgia". 

Public debate at NATO EU center

Russia’s hybrid war, which besides military actions, involves the use of political, information, economic and other non-military methods, is widely discussed by academics, different states and organizations that work on security issues. The Kremlin’s view on how to reach its strategic aims through spreading fake news, using Russian TV channels (Russia Today and Sputnik), etc. is largely based on the speech of Valery Gerasimov, Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Russia, which he made in 2013. He emphasized that rules of war have changed and underlined the role of using non-military methods in achieving political objectives.

Russia’s hybrid warfare is one of the most important challenges for Georgia and Ukraine. The Kremlin’s propaganda can influence domestic as well as foreign political processes of both countries. In order to overcome this threat, it is necessary that the governments of Georgia and Ukraine work effectively and coordinate in this regard.

during the public debate following issues were discussed:

- What instruments does Russia use in information war?
- How should Georgia and Ukraine respond to Russia’s propaganda? What kind of state policy should be in place? Is it possible to overcome propaganda by propaganda itself?
- What role should non-governmental organizations and international community play in the process of fighting against hybrid warfare?

Dr. Andreas Umland, political scientist, Senior research fellow at Kyiv Institute for Euro-Atlantic Cooperation;

Grigol Gegelia, Historian

Nino Bolkvadze, Director, Information Center at NATO and EU


რუსეთის ჰიბრიდული ომი საქართველოსა და უკრაინაში - ნინო ბოლქვაძე - Heinrich Boell Foundation South Caucasus

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Tazo Kupreishvili, Netgazeti Editor


რუსეთის ჰიბრიდული ომი საქართველოსა და უკრაინაში - თაზო კუპრეიშვილი - Heinrich Boell Foundation South Caucasus

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