Who is Afraid of Gender Based Quotas?

Tina Bokuchava and Khatuna Samnidze
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დისკუსიის მონაწილეები თინა ბოკუჩავა და ხათუნა სამნიძე

On March 25, 2015 Public debate “Who is Afraid of Gender Based Quotas?” was held at the office of Heinrich Boell Foundation South Caucasus. Language of the debates: Georgian


  • Tina Bokuchava, member of the Parliament of Georgia, United National Movement Faction (to be confirmed);
  • Nana Pantsulaia, Executive director of the Women’s Fund in Georgia;
  • Khatuna Samnidze, Chairwoman of the Republican Party;
  • Levan Tsutskiridze, the Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy, Representative in the South Caucasus.

Who is afraid of gender based quotas? / ვის ეშინია გენდერული კვოტების? - Heinrich Boell Foundation South Caucasus

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