The Stalin Puzzle: Deciphering Post-Soviet Public Opinion

Joseph Stalin is not yet dead, it would seem. The Soviet leader who was responsible for the deaths of millions over his thirty-year rule still commands worryingly high levels of admiration for a host of reasons. These findings are clear in the first-ever comparative opinion polls on the dictator in the post-Soviet countries of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Russia. The surveys, commissioned by the Carnegie Endowment in 2012, suggest de-Stalinization has not succeeded in the former Soviet Union and most post-Soviet citizens have not come to grips with their history.

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  • Foreword for Georgian Edition
  • From the Editor
  • Summary
  • Introduction Thomas de Waal
  • By the Numbers
  • Stalin Is Not Dead: A Legacy That Holds Back Russia Maria Lipman
  • The Archetype of the Leader: Analyzing a Totalitarian Symbol Lev Gudkov
  • Georgia and Stalin: Still Living with the Great Son of the Nation Lasha Bakradze
  • Appendix
  • Contributors
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