Urban Development of Tbilisi: Realities and Perspectives

On 17 November 2010, the Heinrich Boell Foundation hosted a public debate, “Urban Development of Tbilisi: Realities and Perspectives”. The following speakers gave presentations:

  • Lado Vardosanidze – Professor, Technical University of Georgia;
  • Papuna Dzidziguri – Specialist, Architectural Department, Tbilisi Mayor’s Office;
  • Joseph Salukvadze – Professor, I. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University.

Lado Vardosanidze highlighted progress made in the field of Tbilisi’s urban development. If, in previous years the process was developing chaotically and irregularly, today there is political will to organize and structure the process. Still, there are certain shortcomings as the process lacks consistency.

Vardosanidze cited lack of education and professionalism as one of the problematic issues hindering Tbilisi’s urban development. We have a lot of architects in Tbilisi, he said, but still there is a lack of specialists in the field of urban management which entails daily management and administration of the city.

Vardosanidze further stressed the importance of changing the Soviet concept of urban development, which would only require involvement of architects in the process. Nowadays, urban development is a complex field. Not only architects, but also others ecologists, psychologists and even doctors should be involved in the development of the city.