Promoting Good Land Governance

Partner Organization-Green Alternative (2021-2022)

Land has crucial importance to economic and social development, growth, poverty reduction, and governance. Land is related to wider development issues and objectives and therefore, land issues have multiple dimensions - political, economic, technical, legal, and institutional. The multidimensional character of land issues requires a carefully designed, effective land policy which considers historical, political, economic and social contexts. Unfortunately, till now, Georgia does not have a national land policy which would have defined the shared goals and established a legitimate, legal and socially acceptable basis for land-related decisions. As a result, land reform, which began in the 1990s, has not yet been completed.

In 2021-2022 in frames of the cooperation project Supported by Heinrich Boell Foundation, Tbilisi, South Caucasus, Green Alternative   will: (1) monitor and analyze developments in land sector; priority will be given to reforms (and follow up actions) that have taken place during last years and assessment of their effectiveness; (2) anticipate and respond to new developments be it legal proposals, policy initiatives or decision-making on land-related investments; (3) build knowledge and advocate for responsible land governance, emphasizing on responsible land-based investments; and (4) create spaces for dialogue between relevant actors on better land governance in Georgia.